“Everybody is on your side. Everyone is there to support you.” – Kat’s experience with the Travel Counsellors community

Kat Malyshenko joined us in September 2022, and just over a year on, she’s thriving. In that time, she’s been asked to become a mentor herself and has had opportunities to attend fam trips (allowing her to experience destinations and products first-hand).


We caught up with Kat to find out why she loves being part of our caring community, how her life has changed for the better, and how she’s grown a prosperous business in just 12 months.

Hi Kat! What attracted you to Travel Counsellors?

If I’m honest, I just put ‘travel franchises’ into Google and Travel Counsellors was the first one that came up! But the more I found out about Travel Counsellors throughout my recruitment journey, the more I loved it. The New Franchise team were so friendly and so encouraging. Everything is so transparent and it’s just a great company to be a part of.

How have you built and grown your business over the last year?

You’ve just got to keep at it. Social media is a big one for me. 50% of my business is repeat clients. Word of mouth and referrals are probably the main ways in which I’ve grown my business over the last year.

How would you describe the support at Travel Counsellors?

It’s the best! It’s really, really good. Everybody’s on your side. Everyone’s there to support you. You’ll probably be friends with the people you do your induction with for the rest of your life. It’s just brilliant. Somebody’s always there to help you. Somebody always knows more than somebody else, so it’s a great pool of knowledge.

You’ve recently been chosen to become a mentor – congratulations! How was your relationship with your mentor, Hannah Ramrachia?

I love Hannah. She’s been a huge driving force for me. She tells me how it is. She also tells me when to pull my socks up and get on with it! She’s been amazing. She’s really helped me grow my business and my knowledge.

Finally, how has your life changed since becoming a Travel Counsellor?

Every single day, I get up and do a job that I love. I don’t actually feel like it’s a job – it feels more like a hobby because I’m so passionate about it. It also gives me freedom. I can work from wherever I want, whenever I want. I’m free to choose my own hours. I have a lot of control over my own business, but I still have the support and back-up of Travel Counsellors right there behind me.

Has Kat inspired you to turn your passion for travel into a career? If you want to go from seeing the world to selling the world, get in touch with our New Franchise team and take control of your future. If you want to benefit from uncapped earnings and the freedom to scale your business to new heights, we can offer you the perfect opportunity as a self-employed franchisee.

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