Making Travel Counsellors history: our biggest sales day ever

On Thursday 31st January 2019 we broke our all-time sales record for a single days’ trading.

Over £5.1 million in just 24 hours.

And what makes this even more incredible is that it’s set against the backdrop of a broader market that’s seen a huge amount of uncertainty. No one mention the B-word.

Travel Counsellor Franchisees Step-Up

All the more encouraging was the success of our newest Travel Counsellors (new franchisees in the previous 24 months), who between them, accounted for one fifth of our daily sales record. No easy feat when starting your own business.

And it wasn't a one off. It’s the culmination of the hard work of all our franchisees and head office support teams that has enabled the business to chalk-up 6 out the top 10 sales days on record over the last month.

Across the rest of our business, more than one-third of our Travel Counsellors recorded their best-ever January sales.

Whilst it’s amazing to see our franchisees thriving in a constricted market, it’s not a surprise.

We invest in each new franchisee to enable them to sell the best product, with the best technology, all supported by a certified business development team.

The output for our customers is an experience and service level unrivalled in the industry; service that allows customers to book with confidence, especially in a market filled with so much uncertainty.

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