Meet Danielle, the 22 year old business owner following in her mum’s footsteps

We often hear from Travel Counsellors that the community is like one big family, but for many their businesses really are a family affair. From couples teaming up to parents bringing their children on board, Travel Counsellors are scaling their businesses their way, while building their legacies and sharing opportunities with loved ones.

We decided to check in with Danielle Case, who started her own business this month after working part-time as an assistant for her Gold Travel Counsellor mum, Ally. At just 22, she’s our youngest-ever Travel Counsellor!


What was it like growing up with a Travel Counsellor parent?

Mum has been a Travel Counsellor for 12 years, so throughout my teenage years I was lucky enough to have her home all the time. She was able to take me to and from school every day and I saw the freedom that she had found by running her own business. As a family, we were always able to spend lots of time together and that’s why we have such a great relationship now.

How did you first get involved with your mum’s business?

After my A-levels, I realised that I needed time away from education before going to university and I was considering taking a gap year to work. At this time, Mum was very close to becoming a Gold Travel Counsellor and was looking for an admin assistant, so we both realised that it was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved. That’s when I began - four years ago I started as a part-time admin assistant, a role I continued with all the way through my business degree with the Open University.

How did you decide to make the leap to becoming a business owner at 22 years old?

I have always liked the idea of working for myself. I like that I can do what I want, when I want, with no one telling me what to do. I also felt that, as a young adult, there was a gap in the travel market that I wanted to tap into. Many people in my network and age group are travelling to Asia or Interrailing through Europe. Part of my business plan is to market these complex itineraries and the safety, security and peace of mind that comes with booking them through a Travel Counsellor.

How has your mum inspired you?

The most important thing that I will take from working with my mum, is that it is okay to have bad days and good days, and that sometimes it'll be busier than others. The most important thing is to never give up, and to always stay optimistic and focused on your goals.

I love working alongside her – we’re so close and work has never come between that. As we move forward as separate Travel Counsellors, we will carry on working together as a team.

Mum Ally added:

“We are both so excited to be sharing this journey. I absolutely love what I do and having the flexibility to work around my family - Danielle has seen this and has decided that it is what she wants too. We're the best of friends and great work colleagues, along with being mum and daughter. To think that when I do decide to retire or hand over the business it will go to somebody I love and trust with all my heart is amazing - a very natural progression. She is very empathetic, but also quite strong and determined; a combination which will definitely enable her to build a successful business.”

Danielle is already off to a flying start in her training, and we can’t wait to see where she takes her business. With the support of our industry-leading training, technology and tools, she’s set for success.

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