Meet Our Newest Gold Travel Counsellors

With the UK Government announcing relaxations to travel restrictions, travel is firmly on the road to recovery.

In September alone, Travel Counsellors sold £44 million worth of holidays and business trips, so it comes as no surprise that 4 of our amazing TC’s achieved 'Gold' this month.

What is Gold?

To be ‘Gold’, a Travel Counsellor must achieve a certain yearly sales threshold. It’s a target for franchisees to work towards, however we encourage Travel Counsellors to set their own goals too, whatever those may be. There are currently 201 Gold TC’s globally and we managed to catch up with the newest additions.


Rebecca Deacon

Rebecca set her sights on Gold back in 2018 by attending our 'Going for Gold' training. The pandemic naturally slowed her progress but in June of this year - realising how close she was - Rebecca refocussed her energy and overcame the final few hurdles to hit Gold.

What do you love most about being a TC?

‘I love the fact that I choose what I sell & recommend, using my own knowledge and experience of travelling, I can get very passionate when talking about the destinations I have been to and explored. Getting out and meeting clients face to face in coffee shops etc, being part of the experience I create for them before, during and on return. Making the difference to their own holidays and knowing they wouldn’t get this experience everywhere.’

Could you share your top tip for business success?

My top tip for business success is to be emotionally attached to every client, treat them as if it’s your holiday with the care and attention they deserve, they will return and refer you. Rewarding my top referrer in 2019 with a British Belmond Pullman Train Trip has been the highlight of my 5 years as a TC.


Emma Otter

Emma joined TC in 2017 and has seen her business grow over the last year through the power of social media, in times where online was the only way to connect. Emma partnered with a cruise influencer who has helped her to grow her business by referring new clients. Emma has a busy family life with two little Otters and loves the flexibility that being a TC gives her along with allowing her to enjoy and follow her passion, cruising.

What do you love most about being a TC?

‘It’s impossible to find a company where everybody celebrates each other’s success and most importantly, works together to help each other be successful. I love that I can work anywhere, anytime, selling anything. I am proud to wear my TC badge, being a Gold TC is the cherry on the top of the already amazing cake with icing!

Could you share your top tip for business success?

Say YES to everything! Say yes now and work out how later – even if the enquiry isn’t your field of expertise, you’ll have the experience of 1,900 other Travel Counsellors to draw upon. Stay positive, customers love to hear the good stuff! Pivot, upskill, adapt. Do the ‘Going for Gold’ course: this was a real gamechanger for me and made me see my business in a whole new way.’


Jen Crowe

Jen also joined TC in 2017, with close to 30 years of experience in the industry. Jen has a huge passion for creating amazing memories for her customers who have become her close friends by putting them at the heart of her business.

What do you love most about being a TC?

‘I love the opportunity to grow at a pace that I am comfortable with whilst knowing there is support from the TC Community when I need it. I love taking time getting to know my clients and creating friendships with them. I love running my own business but love the security of knowing there are other TC’s who will jump in and help when needed. I love there are resources that help us grow available 24/7.’

Could you share your top tips for business success?

Assess what you are doing and the direction your business is going. I do this regularly. Recognise that some things are beyond your control. This has created a calmer approach for me which has helped throughout the pandemic. I tend to work in blocks – I rarely have more than a few hours at a time to dedicate to work which means you have to work more effectively to get results.’


Karina Bawler

Karina was previously a teacher, and TC through our Academy in 2017. She is massively passionate about her business and has seen it grow through our technology, especially our Phenix booking system (almost 80% of her business is put through Phenix). Karina puts her success down to keeping her customers close and having a high repeat business rate, and customers who refer her to others.

What do you love most about being a TC?

‘I love planning detailed and imaginative travel itineraries using my geography and prior travel knowledge. I also love the challenge of running my own business - the fact that the harder I work the more reward I get, and that my destiny is in my own hands.

How did the pandemic affect your business?

There was still a surprising amount of new business out there during the pandemic and most of my bookings actually came from new customers rather than existing clients during the worst months. I think the pandemic gave me a chance to really ‘sell my service’ and the benefits of using a trusted travel professional. I am also a very hard worker. I always make myself available for customers regardless of what time of day it is. It doesn’t bother me if I need to take a call at 9pm at night or answer a text message at 11pm – my customers love that I am incredibly responsive.

How does it feel to achieve gold? – Mind Blowing!

Are you ready to become a Travel Counsellor?

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