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Meet our top-performing new starter, Emma Diamond

Since the pandemic started, we’ve welcomed 147 new Travel Counsellors here in the UK.

Emma Diamond is one of them, who joined us in September 2020 and despite challenging circumstances has gone on to become one of our top-performing new Travel Counsellors.


Emma is doing as well as new starters in 2019 did and has even beaten the targets she set for herself.

“I had been aiming for £200k sales in my first 12 months but 9 months in, I’ve made well over that, beating my target and more! It was a risk starting up a travel business in the middle of a global pandemic, so seeing these results fills me with pride and reassures me that I made the right decision.”

So where have her customers been booking?

“A couple of big bookings, one £55k to the Maldives and a £30k booking to Mexico were highlights for sure! But it’s a huge range really – from last minute trips to bookings all the way to the end of 2023.”

“I’ve not pigeon-holed myself at all this year and I’m constantly trying to upskill and train myself on the places that are relevant to travel to.”

“I’d never sold the UK before, but with all the interest in staycations I really made it my focus for a while and got a fair few bookings from the work I put in. Plus, keeping an eye on the TC offers has helped and got me a few bookings too!”

And what have customers been saying to Emma?

“Most of my customers are just desperate to get away and understand the possibility that they may have to make changes to their destination or dates as their departures approach.”

“Some of my customers tend to start speculating after the Government announcements and need some extra reassurance from me, so I make sure to reach out to them so they know they’re in safe hands with me and it’s something they really appreciate.”

With 75% of her bookings made using TC Packages and our direct contracts, Emma can offer her clients 100% financial protection and control her margin to find a price point that works for her customer but values the time and expertise she puts in.

“Being able to create TC Packages and offer complete financial protection, flexibility, great insurance options and the availability of me has definitely helped make customers feel more at ease in booking.”

“Almost all concerns are with “amber” at the moment, and understanding the rules but that is where having me on the end of the phone is a real ‘value-adder’ for clients”

And what’s the value added for Emma now that she’s a Travel Counsellor?

“After huge success at my previous company, I wasn’t ready to let go of the travel industry when I was made redundant back in July and figured that there was nothing to lose! It may just be the best thing that ever happened to me!”

“I had met numerous TCs on FAMs who’d always raved about the company and the more I looked into Travel Counsellors the more it felt like a right fit. I was proven right when so many TCs reached out to welcome and help me once I’d started”

“Of course it is a steep learning curve but the training has been great: I am constantly blown away by the information on the TC Hubs – the marketing material, the product information, the support portal. They are life savers and have made my transition as a TC and travel business owner enjoyable and relatively stress free.”

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