Michelle Wilson: Changing my mindset and reaping the rewards

Michelle Wilson joined Travel Counsellors in 2016 after 26 years working for Thomas Cook.

Shortly after the announcement of Thomas Cook’s collapse, Michelle spoke to Global Sales Director, Jim Eastwood, on our weekly ‘TCTV’ show – a broadcast normally reserved for Travel Counsellors.

But, Michelle’s story is so encouraging that we want to share it with other people who may be considering joining us from Thomas Cook or other retail travel backgrounds.

Why is Michelle’s story so brilliant?

After joining us, Michelle challenged herself to change the way she worked; from selling third party suppliers (and acting as a travel agent) to tailor-making and packaging together her own holidays, and therefore acting as the tour operator.

Michelle trusted our business model and used all of the training and tools we provided her with and as a result has reduced her reliance on third party suppliers and now acts as the tour operator on two thirds of her bookings.

This means she makes more money as she is not reliant on the fixed commission paid out by third parties, but instead controls her own margin.

And, most importantly, Michelle’s business is future-proof: She is less at risk should third parties move away from rate parity or choose to cut out the trade entirely.

Where is Michelle now?

By changing her mindset and the way the sells travel, Michelle has become one of our top-selling, ‘Gold’ Travel Counsellors and is invited to our Annual Gold Weekends, this year in Mauritius and Marbella.

She has the highest Customer Satisfaction Score, winning a brand new car at our Annual Conference in 2018.

And Michelle’s family life and health have improved beyond recognition.

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Shortly after Thomas Cook's collapse, Gold Travel Counsellor, Michelle Wilson, spoke to Global Sales Director, Jim Eastwood, on our weekly ‘TCTV’ show – a broadcast normally reserved for Travel Counsellors.

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