More than just homeworking

It’s a lesser known fact that Travel Counsellors don’t always ‘work from home’. They work flexibly around their customers, which essentially means they can work wherever its secure to do so – from shared office spaces to working in teams. What’s more, with myTC account, customers can connect to their Travel Counsellor wherever they are in the world at the tap of a button. Take a closer look at the various ways Travel Counsellors are ‘flexing’ the concept of homeworking here.

Highlights include:

Independent travel agencies run their business remotely with us

Tired of the overheads associated with a high street store, but have a fantastic team and a loyal customer base? Many independent travel companies have successfully transitioned their ‘bricks & mortar’ agencies, and the talented people in their teams, to operate on a remote-working basis supported by Travel Counsellors technology platform.

Micro-TMCs service fellow SMEs

Similarly, corporate travel specialists are saying goodbye to employed work and saying ‘hello’ to being their own boss, meaning that they can operate their own travel management company with Travel Counsellors for Business, and focus on providing corporate travellers and bookers with seamless booking and travel experiences.

Duos, trios and teams

Many people worry that ‘working from home’ means you’ll be alone. Joining a connected global community of nearly 2000 people in seven countries across the world ensures that this isn’t the case. Furthermore, many Travel Counsellors now work in teams of two, three or more, especially when it comes to servicing large corporate client accounts, or managing big group bookings.

Tour operators made to feel at home

As an established tour operator, we offer experienced travel professionals the flexibility to create bespoke, luxury travel experiences. The fine-tuning that takes place on these highly personalised travel itineraries means that travel experts with tour operating backgrounds can feel right at home.

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