'2021 is my best year yet' - Emma Otter

Hitting Gold in 2021, a 'funny year to do it' according to Emma, we sat down with Travel Counsellor Emma Otter to find out how she did it and what's next for her business.

What’s been your focus for the past year?

During the pandemic, and with the introduction of UK “seacation” cruises, I spotted an opportunity to grow the cruise area of my business. I reached out to and now work closely with EmmaCruises, an award-winning cruise blogger and influencer. We both identified that there was a desire for passengers to return to the seas with the support and advice from a trusted cruise expert to guide them.

What’s been your highlight of 2021?

After pivoting my business to focus on cruise and taking sales in excess of £1million in the past 12 months, I celebrated becoming a “Gold” Travel Counsellor in September 2021. A few years ago, I had undertaken the “Going for Gold” course, and by embracing the skills I was taught, remaining resilient and staying close to my customers, the results are evident!

Why did you choose to specialise?

I’ve always loved cruise. By joining Travel Counsellors I was able to fuel my passion and develop my knowledge in the sector, with access to specialist training, Clia membership and dedicated supplier events. I have access to all the cruise product I need in our booking platform, “Phenix”, with competitive rates negotiated on our behalf by the product team. This means I can offer my clients amazing itineraries, delivered with my personal service and care.

What are customers telling you?

As travel has resumed, customers are realising the value of a trusted travel advisor who has their best interests at heart. I have gained many new customers who admit that the stress of booking online or independently has taught them the protection and peace of mind offered by booking through a Travel Counsellor shouldn’t be underestimated. Knowing I created their dream holiday and seeing clients enjoy their trip stress-free makes me so proud of what I do.

Why did you become a Travel Counsellor in the first place?

Becoming a Travel Counsellor was an easy decision for me. The flexibility was attractive; not only in terms of work-life balance, allowing me to work around my family, but also because of the flexibility to develop my business in a way that suits me and my goals. This was all backed by the valuable tools and people at Travel Counsellors. I started in January 2017, having previously been a leisure travel agent for 15 years, and haven’t looked back since.

What would you say to anyone interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

I think there’s a huge opportunity for those starting their journey as a Travel Counsellor now; there is demand and appreciation from customers like never before, and the spirit of the TC Community has only strengthened throughout the pandemic. It’s certainly an exciting time to join.

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