‘Postcards’ from Travel Counsellors inspires customers and travel professionals alike

Our short film, ‘Postcards’, featuring words written and spoken by poet Tony Walsh has captured the imagination of customers around the globe, as many start to plan their first trips away.

Promoting travel as a force for good and highlighting the experience travel professionals can create, the film has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and Travel Counsellors alike.

“Phenomenal, powerful and all-inclusive video. The visuals sing in harmony with the beautiful poetry. Uplifting and joyful to watch.” – Janet, Travel Counsellors’ customer

“I book with my Travel Counsellor all the time. Why? Because she makes each holiday very special. She works her magic to ensure we have the most wonderful time without the hassle and memories we will remember forever.” – Travel Counsellors customer

“This just sums up what it means to be a Travel Counsellor but also what it mean to be a Travel Counsellors’ client. So special and amazing words by Tony Walsh. So proud to be part of the TC family” - Tina Tomlinson, Travel Counsellor

Managing Director, Kirsten Hughes, said: “A challenging 12 months has seen many of us recognise the simple activities we may have taken for granted before, such as being able to spend quality time away with family and friends.”

“Our customers are frequently telling their Travel Counsellor that they’ve missed making memories and exploring the world with the people that mean the most to them, and our film aims to capture this spirit of adventure, reminding us all of what we have missed and what we can look forward to again.”

'Postcards' from Travel Counsellors

As we take the first steps across the globe again, we look forward to creating the special moments and lasting memories we’ve missed so much.

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