Q&A with business owner and father of three, Matt Tamayo-Myerson

For many, the perks of being a work-from-home parent are obvious: being able to fit your working day around the kids’ schedules, doing the school drop-off or finishing early to attend a sports day, and using the time spent commuting to cook dinner instead. Of course, making the switch to start working from home can be daunting.

London-based Travel Counsellor, Matt Tamayo-Myerson, left this previous role to become a Corporate Travel Counsellor in 2009 and is now one of our top-performing franchisees. We caught up with him to find out how he balances running a very successful business with being a dad to his three children.

Hi Matt, can you introduce yourself and your family?

I’m Matt, I live in Morden in London with my wife Yulli and our three kids.

What did you do before you became a Travel Counsellor?

I became a Travel Counsellor in 2009 but before that I worked as a Travel Agent for Dial-a-Flight. I struggled as they did not make much allowance for families, and that was when I only had one child!

What do you enjoy being able to do with your kids now that you run your own business?

It’s the simple day-to-day things: taking them to school and nursery, being at home to look after them when they are sick, going to sports day and school events… just being around to watch them grow up.

Did you have any reservations about working from home?

I was most worried about getting lonely and missing that social contact with colleagues, being able to bounce off them or ask for advice. But, I haven’t struggled at all really; I’ve met some great colleagues who have become friends and there are so many communication channels and ways to speak to Travel Counsellors all over the world.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up around 6am with the kids, get them ready for school and check my emails to action anything urgent. After dropping the kids off, I quickly walk the dog and then I’m ready to start work. I’ll work through enquiries and bookings and might go out to meet some clients. Over lunchtime, I try to do some household jobs: fixing things that little children break, do the food shop or I might go to an exercise class. I then get back to work for the afternoon and depending on the kids’ schedules I pick them up or make them dinner, going back to work in the evening if necessary. My days are always different depending on what home-life things I have to do, and what my clients need from me that day.

For you, what has been the best thing about becoming a Travel Counsellor?

I have a number of things! The freedom to work as I please and control my time during the day. Being rewarded financially for my work. Being part of friendly company who actually care about me personally and just being able to swap and change my routine so that everything gets done.

And finally, what tips or advice would you give to other Dads thinking about starting their own home-based business?

Do it! Don’t be afraid… if you are passionate you will succeed!

Matt made the decision to join Travel Counsellors in 2009, and has since taken back control of his work-life balance. Isn’t it time you did the same?

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