Video: Sharon Court - From Thomas Cook Manager to Business Owner

Sharon Court was made redundant from Thomas Cook in 2013, after 20 years as a Manager of one of their stores.

Starting with nothing other than passion and determination, Sharon has built her business through referrals and her business has grown steadily, by an average of 40% every year.

Sharon embraces everything we have to offer: she uses Phenix to tailor-make holidays and control her margin, she keeps in touch with her clients, using our 'reconnecting with customers' reports to guide her and she gets involved in the events and training opportunities we put on.

As a result, Sharon is now one of our ‘Gold’ Travel Counsellors, meaning she is in the top 10% of all Travel Counsellors globally.

To celebrate, Sharon was invited on our "Gold Weekend": an all-expenses paid trip to a choice of short or long-haul destination, open to all Gold Travel Counsellors. (check out the highlights from our recent trip to Marbella here)

In addition to the Gold trips, find out how else Sharon's life has changed since she became a Travel Counsellor.

From high street manager to business owner

After being made redundant from Thomas Cook, Sharon Court took the opportunity to set up her own business. She is now one of our top-selling franchisees, and her life has changed unrecognisably. Hear her story.

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