Six Reasons to Make 2022 Your Year

Whether you feel the effects of ‘Blue Monday’ or call it pseudoscience, the New Year always puts career change high on the agenda, with hiring 28% higher in January than other months.

Plus, with record numbers of people quitting their jobs at the end of 2021, we’re living in the midst of what’s being called “The Great Resignation” with greater flexibility, higher salaries and more meaningful work just some of the reasons why people are on the move.

If you’re thinking of switching up your career and becoming a Travel Counsellor, let us give you six reasons to make 2022 the year that you do.

Play to your strengths

Love selling cruise? Wish you could use your social media skills to your advantage? Enjoy winning new business the most? As a Travel Counsellor you’re free to roam. With dedicated training, a full spectrum of travel product and marketing campaigns to back you, make your business exactly as you want. Prefer sales to paperwork? Many Travel Counsellors employ staff to free them up to do what they love, selling!

“The best thing of owning my business is being in control. I love what I do, I sell what I want to sell and I market to the customers I want to have.” - Alex Buckle

As your life moves, so does your business

Wherever there is Wi-Fi, you can work as a Travel Counsellor. That means the back bedroom, your local shared workspace or somewhere further afield. Elliott Rouse built his business in his hometown in Norfolk, but with a family move to Edinburgh, Elliott simply picked up his business and took it with him. The small print here is that you must have a registered address in one of the six countries we operate in.

“It gives me the opportunity to market to another region, whilst my business at home continues to grow through referrals and repeat bookings.” Said Elliott

Work whenever

You’ve heard of ‘work from home’, or in our case ‘work from anywhere’. But how about work whenever? If someone needs you at home or there’s just something else you’d rather be doing, flex your working hours around the other priorities in your life. There’s no timing your breaks or working hours that don’t suit you as a Travel Counsellor. Finally, you set the agenda. All we ask is that you’re there for your customers.

“I probably work more hours than I did. It’s just now I decide when. I’m able to spend quality time with the kids and work around their agendas, which I wasn’t able to before.” Said Jo McDonnell

Earn more

Providing unbeatable customer service, selling what you love and controlling the margin you make: it’s the combination for success. Unlock it as a Travel Counsellor.

Steph Needley is the youngest-ever Travel Counsellor to hit Gold:

“I’m the youngest person to ever hit Gold. I did it though winning business on social media, building a relationship with every client, tailoring itineraries to them and telling them why I’ve picked certain flight times or hotels. It’s about keeping it personal.”

Going it ‘alone’ as it should be

Cast your mind back to the first lockdown when companies scrabbled to migrate workers from offices to homes overnight. Some are still battling with less-than-ideal remote working processes, glitchy tech and difficulty collaborating with colleagues. Not at Travel Counsellors. We’ve been working from home since 1994, meaning our entire business is built around the remote worker. Our tech is all easily accessible, collaboration is made seamless with our support hubs and with 1,200 Travel Counsellors in the UK, there’s sure to be a local group of TCs nearby to welcome you.

Lisa Hillyard has been a Travel Counsellor since 1998 and is our all-time top-performing leisure Travel Counsellor:

“I love that marketing information gets sent to clients on my behalf. It looks like it comes from me so it’s personal and professional but I am so busy working with my clients that having that work done for me in the background is absolutely vital” – Lisa Hillyard

Take pride in what you do

Do you sometimes feel like your superpowers are going unused, or worse, unnoticed? A thanks from a customer or a well done from a colleague go a very long way to letting you know you're doing the right job. Never before has travel been so complicated for customers to navigate, which means people need travel professionals now more than ever.

“Customers have never before realised how important a professional travel expert is to them. I’ve been there for them, sharing my knowledge and optimism with customers, and now I’m reaping the rewards for that” – Emma Otter

If you have the passion to run your own business, with the backing of Travel Counsellors, you’re set to make 2022 your year.

Are you ready to become a Travel Counsellor?

Ready to become a Travel Counsellor? We’ll give you all support you need to get your travel career off to a flying start. If you’d like to learn more before you get started, get in touch with one of our experts.

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