Sonia Brobbin steps up her career in luxury travel

I started my career with Travel Counsellors to have a better work-life balance, and now I have the diary I always dreamed of.

Now that I am my own boss, I have eliminated the daily stresses I used to experience with rush hour traffic, long hours, pressure to hit targets and having no time to see my little boy.

My business went live on 26th May 2017. Even though I have an extensive travel knowledge and 20 years’ experience in the industry, it didn’t take away the fear that I may not earn any money! I had been so used to having a steady wage, but I knew that this just wasn’t enough to keep me happy and I really needed to push myself. The first week at my desk was daunting, but I had a plan!

Months of hard work, networking, promoting myself on social media, and asking family and friends to spread the word paid off as my business started to move and I began to do what I’m great at; providing the perfect holiday and creating memories for customers.

It was hard for the first 6-8 months until I got my first decent wage, and then the journey really started. The first year flew by and with the support given by Travel Counsellors, my business is heading in the right direction and my work-life balance is healthy. But, I can’t stop there as I have set myself a target to hit. Of course, I take in to consideration my margins, but sometimes it’s not about what you make, it’s about the customer experience. I’m a firm believer that one amazing experience can lead to customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Luxury travel is the area that I am most passionate about. Travel Counsellors have so many contracts for luxury branded products, I have access to third party companies who offer luxury travel and I can use overseas ground agents who offer a brilliant service. I am surrounded by the best in the business.

I have become really good friends with other Travel Counsellors in my area and they all have the same outlook and are willing to share their knowledge. We get together for social events, go to training sessions and there is a real sense of trust amongst us.

Job satisfaction is so important in this industry and Travel Counsellors has created something that no other company could offer me: total happiness and flexibility. I love my life now, I do less hours with great clients and that is why I still love working in the industry.

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