TCs love what they do: Here's the proof!

Here at Travel Counsellors, love was certainly in the air this Valentine's Day. After our record-breaking January, our TCs have been using our community platform, TC World, to show their appreciation for team members, mentors and support colleagues. There are even bottles of bubbly up for grabs every day throughout ‘fizzy’ February for those nominated!

Here’s a taste of the heart-warming comments and stories that our Travel Counsellors have been sharing…

“Probably one of the aspects I love the most about my TC journey so far is working with my mentor, Dave Bishop. I needed a mentor who would encourage and support me, motivate me and most importantly, inspire me – in Dave I could not have asked for a better person to meet all of those things, he is amazing and I count myself extremely lucky to be in his team!“– Jo Harris

"A massive thank you to TC Vikki Wells who has been amazing in January supporting me doing enquiries. I don’t know what I would've done without her after a deluge of enquiries. I’ve had my best ever Jan and Vikki her best ever month and together we have confirmed a number of the quotes" – Tina Tomlinson

“The biggest of shout outs to Joanne Ioannou. I lost my adoptive father and had my mum and father in law in hospices, which meant living from hotels in between Blackburn and Berwick. In jumps the most amazing TC you can ever meet. I still had a record breaking month and no way would I have done it without her. It's when things are challenging, that the best really come to the fore. She does it quietly, without fuss and just gets on with it. We met at the first Celebrity silent disco at conference many years ago and have been joined at the hip ever since! I will forever thank silent discos for meeting this angel sent from heaven.” – Lizzie Adamson Brown

“Wanted to mention Tina Tomlinson and say a huge thank you for not only being the best mentor I could have asked for, but a wonderful friend too! Tina has the kindest heart 💖 She has not only been there for me, but is always helping others and sharing her knowledge and experiences. Nothing is too much trouble for her when it comes to supporting others. Tina has been my rock and I will always be grateful.” – Vikki Wells

"My mentor Tracey Foley has been the biggest inspiration to me! Not to mention my good friend Emily Bell! I have never had so much support from people who care." – Ben Rosser-Jacks

With more and more TCs working in teams to achieve their goals, our community is stronger than ever and the sky really is the limit. We consistently go above and beyond because we love what we do, and that’s why customers love us too.

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