TCs sail into the world of social media on Virgin Voyages cruise

Here at Travel Counsellors, we know that our TCs can provide a better service for their customers if they experience a product or destination first-hand, which is why we offer regular FAM trips.

Our most recent trip was a Virgin Voyages cruise around the Mediterranean, which saw 20 TCs not only get to experience everything the ship and the ports had to offer, but also have the opportunity to take part in social media masterclasses, so they can keep on top of the latest platform changes and use social channels to effectively connect with their customers and grow their business.

After some initial training in social media best practice, the TCs were split into four teams. Each team was tasked with creating engaging social media content on a specific topic – such as the food or the various on-board experiences that Virgin Voyages can offer.

The Travel Counsellors on the trip had a mix of abilities in terms of social media use. Some were already very active, while others had never used Instagram or created a Reel before. By the end of the cruise, all 20 TCs were posting regularly on Instagram, creating content that they wouldn’t have had the skills or confidence to produce previously. One TC even managed to rack up over 1k views on a Reel after choosing a trending music clip to accompany it.

And if that wasn’t enough to showcase the power of social media, our Travel Counsellors also managed to sell five Virgin Voyages cabins during their time on-board the ship as a result of the content they were posting on their channels!

The trip complemented the social media training which is available to all TCs through Discover (our online learning platform) and our Marketing Hub. Our aim is to empower all Travel Counsellors to scale their business through the use of social media, and providing regular opportunities to upskill is just one of the ways in which we do this.

Not only did TCs on the trip come away with new skills they can put into practice straight away, they also came away with new friendships and a network of fellow TCs who they can share content ideas with – and that’s the power of the Travel Counsellors community.

Here’s to the next trip!

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