The freedom to work wherever you wander

In a world where flexibility is becoming the new norm, more and more people are seeking a better work-life balance – and homeworking gives you total freedom. The beauty of being a Travel Counsellor is that you can choose your set-up based on what works for you. So, whether you enjoy the peace and privacy of a home office, prefer a more collaborative, social approach, or want a bit of both, you can truly be your own boss in terms of where and how you work.

Working away from the office

Picture this: you're sitting in a cosy café, sipping your favourite coffee as you help a client plan their dream holiday. Or perhaps you're perched in a sun-soaked garden while crafting the perfect itinerary. This is the everyday reality for Travel Counsellors - the choice to work from virtually anywhere.

Your personal sanctuary

Many Travel Counsellors find solace in their home offices. It's the perfect setting to dive into research, connect with clients, and build your travel empire. To help separate home from work even further, if your outdoor space allows, why not build a dedicated ‘travel lounge’ in your garden?

That’s exactly what Travel Counsellor, Lucy Althorpe, did. “I converted my garage back in 2022, and it’s the best money I ever spent! My customers love coming in and seeing me face-to-face. Sometimes they’ll just stop by to have a chat about their upcoming trips”, she said.

Lucy Althorpe 1

Community and collaboration of co-working spaces

For people who crave a more social way of working, co-working spaces are the perfect option. With more of these spaces popping up across the UK, you could spend the day working in one with other Travel Counsellors from your local area (or your team, if you decide to employ other people to help run your business). Not only are co-working spaces a great way to meet other Travel Counsellors, they’re also the ideal place to network and build up your customer base.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Sometimes, a change of scenery can be the elixir of inspiration. Why not spend a relaxing morning working through quotes and following up with your customers from the comfort of a cafe. You could even arrange to meet some of your local clients and bond with them over a brew. After all, it’s the truly personal, caring service that matters most here at Travel Counsellors.

The world as your office

As a Travel Counsellor, the world truly becomes your oyster. Imagine working from a beachfront villa in Spain, a tropical garden in Thailand, or a bustling metropolis like Dubai. These workcations aren't just about earning a living; they're about living your passion while experiencing new places first-hand. This allows you to pass your new-found expertise onto your customers, and advise them on whether a particular destination will meet their needs.

We have Travel Counsellors based all around the world, including one who works from Bali, and other from her home in Cyprus.

Community spirit

The Travel Counsellors community is warm and welcoming, so don’t be surprised if a local Travel Counsellor invites you round to their house to work! When you’re just starting out with your business, it can be hugely comforting to have a Travel Counsellor friend on your doorstep. Working in the same space together allows you to share ideas and gain fresh perspectives to help get your franchise off to a flying start.

Support no matter where you are

When you become a Travel Counsellor, rest assured that as well as having the autonomy to choose your workspace, you’ll be fully supported to run your business effectively. Our robust support system ensures you have all the tools, training, and technology you need, no matter where you decide to work.

Secure your future for 2024

Are you ready to redefine your workspace and embark on a career that combines your love for travel with the freedom to work anywhere? As long as you're a UK resident with a UK bank account, the world is your workspace as a Travel Counsellor. Get in touch and let’s secure your future for 2024.

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