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The Moments that Mattered this Conference

Travel Counsellors have just returned from our 25th Annual Conference.

The theme for the Conference was '25 years of the Moments that Matter', so we asked them one simple question: “What were the moments that mattered to you this weekend?”

Here’s what they had to say...

Su Dillon

Shara Smith, who joined through the Travel Academy in March 2018, and was inspired by Bear Grylls’ ‘Four F’s’: Fear, Failure, Fire, Faith

"A story I'd like to tell for all Academy out there…

I'm starting the day with Fire today, in fact, most days I do. Joining with no travel background, not one customer, not knowing the world and no partner to support me, everything was born from the leap of Faith. Then, signing up to Academy and returning home after my 'first round' of training, the Fear of Failing was real.

Bear said that Failure is doorway you have to walkthrough on the way to success, and Faith for me comes in when you do succeed; when you make your first booking and you keep on delighting customers. You hold onto that Faith so hard you have white knuckles and you keep stepping through that door of Fear. I feel so proud of every single booking so far, building the business I want from the TC model.

I noticed something special happening when I spoke to other Academy - oh boy, do they have so much Fire! So, a personal shout to all Academy out there. Proud of you all, keep the four F's in your mind and lets remember to give ourselves more credit and celebrate the successes that we've worked so hard to achieve!"

Brian Telfer

Marc Fitchett

Rebecca Ashworth, who joined us in February 2019

"Just over 8 months ago I took a major leap in to the unknown and set up my own business, I can honestly say with my hand on my heart this is the best decision I have ever made. I am privileged to work on my own and grow my own business but be part of a bigger community."

"This weekend has made me realise that I am part of the TC Family and just how lucky I am."

"Bear Grylls said Everest is a mindset and that “we all have our own ‘Everest’ but the summit will come”. I have already signed up for the Going for Gold in December, and this is my Everest!"

Kate WIllett

Jane Sedgwick

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