Travel Counsellor Dads have the best of both worlds

To many, trading the hours spent commuting and the regular 9-5 for the 3pm school pick-up and days out during half-term is the stuff of dreams. For our Travel Counsellors, it is their reality.

Being able to work from anywhere, and having the flexibility to balance work life around family life is invaluable to many of our Travel Counsellors. And so, this Fathers' Day, we wanted to recognise and celebrate some of the fantastic Travel Counsellors who are not only brilliant Dads, but also successful business men.

Here's what some of our TC Dads and Grandads had to say about their family lives as Travel Counsellors...

George Vermeulen - Travel Counsellor since 2015 "Being a Travel Counsellor and working from home has opened so many doors for me: I can meet my clients anywhere at any time, my wife loves it, as the dinner is ready when she arrives home from work, I can now coach my grandson's school rugby team and collect both grandchildren every day from school. This is such a privilege for me, seeing my grandchildren grow up and I knowing that I am an active part of their lives. Thanks to Travel Counsellors, I am building everlasting memories with them. Travel Counsellors have made me so positive about life that I just enjoy every moment of it and will not give it up for anything."

Hennie Hansen - Travel Counsellor since 2008 "Being a Travel Counsellor has allowed me to be my own boss, I can make time to do the things that are important to me and I love being able see my grand kids more."

Chris van den Berg - Travel Counsellor since 2009 "Our quality of life is fantastic now that I work from home. I am able to accompany my partner, taking my work with me, when he goes to conferences overseas. Being a Travel Counsellor allows me to create a life for myself and my family just the way we want."

Chris's partner said... "The fact that Chris is a Travel Counsellor has allowed us an exceptional quality of life. He can plan his own schedule allowing him to attend to aspects related to our daily lives. From a financial perspective, Chris can contribute significantly and reliably to our household. Over the years, I have realised that being a Travel Counsellor allows the individual to run, grow and customise a business completely aligned with their aspirations the needs of the family. Chris has the ideal business and Travel Counsellors will be part of our lives for a long time to come."

Bertie Loubser - Travel Counsellor since 2012 "Being a stay at home dad is worth millions, but not in terms of money"

We all spend far too much time at work to not spend that time doing something we love. And sometimes, the harder you work, the further away you find yourself from what made you join the travel industry in the first place... selling travel!

Not only does being a Travel Counsellor allow you to get back to doing what you love, but it allows you to spend more time with those that you love.

Some of the most precious family time is the school holidays, and so we regularly hold TC Kids and TC Family Days to make the very most of spending quality time with loved one whilst also developing your business as a Travel Counsellor through training sessions. You can find out more about our most recent TC Kids Day to Splash Landings at Alton Towers here.

As Bertie said, you can't put a price on spending quality time the family. And that's why 96% of them say they love their job.

If you're ready to take back control of your work-life balance, get in touch with us today.

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