Travel Counsellor, Kerry Cansdale, leads her team to victory... twice!

I joined Travel Counsellors just under 2 years ago because I wanted to have a more personal relationship with my clients and have the freedom to sell what really was best for them… basically make dreams come true! I was frustrated that I couldn’t spend the time with clients that they deserved. I treat their holidays as if they are my own and its because of this that people are referred to me time and time again.

Being home-based people think you may get lonely, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; there are over 1800 of us around the world and in June an opportunity came up for me to captain a team of 32 Travel Counsellors in one of our global challenges. There were 58 teams to include every Travel Counsellor from around the globe and I thought it would be a good way for me to meet people and also get lots of tips and advice on how to improve my business.

I had an amazing team and we were number one pretty much from the start. We had Travel Counsellors from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia and we became like one big family in such a short space of time. As individuals we have always been special but as a team we are simply amazing! We won the challenge and as a result, in October, we all went to Mauritius which was just fantastic! Not only have I got see one of my dream destinations, I have also made friends for life.

The itinerary was full of luxury hotels and dream excursions; from sunset cruises with whales, speedboat rides and swimming with dolphins, there are literally too many ‘wow’ moments to mention. The day at Four Seasons will forever be the number one highlight. I’d like to thank all of the suppliers and hoteliers who hosted us and treated us like we were celebrities. It’s not every day you get to stay in a beachfront villa with a private pool, have your lunch freshly cooked for you on the beach, or arrive by speedboat to your own 5-bedroom villa complete with pool, private DJ, bar and chefs.

So when, in September, another global challenge came around and I was asked if I would like to be a Team Captain again, how could I refuse? Right from the start we were all determined to “do the double” and we did! First place again! This time we have won a trip to Mexico in March 2019.

The challenges are a fantastic way to get to know other Travel Counsellors, the trips are amazing but more than that you really have the opportunity to learn from other Travel Counsellors and to make significant improvements to your business. Some of my team mates achieved their best-ever months for bookings and for commissions during the challenge and we have set our businesses up to do really well in the coming months.

Our team motto has always been, “if you believe you will achieve”, and this proves that if you work for it, dreams do come true!

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