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Travel Counsellors do the sales treble

We’re thrilled to announce an incredible piece of peaks success. On Friday 12th January, we achieved sales of £7.5 million, making it our most successful sales day in our 30-year history.

Part of this sales haul included an individual booking of over £1.2m, in a week where our franchisees made a record-breaking 8,814 individual bookings totalling £31.1m of total weekly sales – again, the biggest in our history!

This sales performance tops the previous best sales day on record of £6.5 million, set on the final day of January 2023. Furthermore, in January to date, 72 Travel Counsellors globally have achieved total sales of over £100,000, with 17 business owners making individual bookings of over £100k each.

Jim Eastwood, Global Sales Director at Travel Counsellors commented: “We are so delighted that so many leisure customers and corporate clients place their trust in our amazing TCs to book their travel. Of course, it’s much more than a booking. Our Travel Counsellors provide a level of care and flexibility that results not only in great sales, but in lasting relationships."

The surge in sales is further strengthened by the latest incentive programme, the ‘TC World Cup’ - the first of its kind in five years. With over 2,000 Travel Counsellors organised into teams of 50, each representing different countries from across the globe, the incentive harnesses the power of collaboration and the use of innovative technology to cultivate a collective drive towards success.

Jim added: “At the heart of our ongoing success is our dedication to empowering our business owners to scale their business in a way that suits them, backed by the knowledge of the global community and our digital, personal platform. Our commitment to ‘caring more than anyone else’, delivering tailored travel experiences and creating lasting memories for our leisure customers and corporate clients remains strong, setting us apart in the industry.”

Would you like to join a travel franchise where you’ll be given the training, tools, and technology to succeed? Do you want to be part of an inclusive community, where success is celebrated? Whether you’re already working in travel sales, want to change careers, or get back into an industry you’re passionate about, we’d love to have you on board as a self-employed franchisee. Our inductions run regularly throughout the year, so enquire today and see where we could take you – you never know, it could be you helping us to make history this time next year!

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