Travel Counsellors Hit the Road with UK Roadshows

This November, the Travel Counsellors New Franchise team are heading on the road, visiting 9 locations around the UK to bring a taste of Travel Counsellors to you.

But why head out on a cold, dark November evening? Here, 3 of our newest Travel Counsellors tell you why.

Chris Pereira attended our Roadshow at our Head Office in Manchester and subsequently joined our Return to Travel programme.

“I think it should be mandatory for anyone considering Travel Counsellors because it shows you what’s “behind the curtain”. The input and effort from senior management and Directors is visible proof of the commitment and support and having Steve Byrne, the CEO, coming in to articulate his vision for the business was a great start. It made me feel that I was joining an organisation that cared about it’s customers but started by caring about it’s people first.”

“Having a Q&A session with Travel Counsellors who are already doing the job is a clever and reassuring touch. It shows you “this is what life is really like”. I think Travel Counsellors is perfect for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit (whether it’s latent or obvious), has the drive to succeed and is willing to work hard and not see it as an easy way to make money.”

Joining our Leisure programme one year after meeting us in Exeter, Adrian Walters remembers the Roadshow he attended in June 2017.

“I attended in order to see what working for Travel Counsellors was all about, as many of my former colleagues at my then employer had made the switch over the last couple of years. My wife came with me, also intrigued, but also to find reassurance in the worth of becoming a Travel Counsellor.”

“The presentation, atmosphere and overall feel was extremely positive and friendly. There were about half a dozen curious attendees, and two members of staff from Head Office acting as hosts. The most useful and helpful part of the afternoon was meeting an existing Travel Counsellor from Somerset, who was very honest about what life as a Travel Counsellor was really like. What were the many positives and, of course, what some of the negatives of working from home might be. I think you need this balanced view to assist with making the decision to take the leap of faith.”

Mark Riordan met us in London and joined Travel Counsellors on our 2-year Academy training programme after many years working for Transport for London and his local council.

Being completely new to the industry, Mark appreciated that the event was suited to people of all backgrounds, saying “It’s a good way to speak to people in a relaxed setting without the ‘hard sell’ angle which is why it works. The Q&A session with Travel Counsellors and the presentation session were very informative and it gave me better understanding of what I could expect if I continued to become a Travel Counsellor.”

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, come and meet us at one of our regional roadshows.