Travel Counsellors spread their wings at Touchdown

We’ve just celebrated another successful ‘Touchdown’ here at our Travel Counsellors support centre.

Touchdown is a very special day in the calendar of any new Travel Counsellor; after 6 months of induction and ongoing training, we come together to celebrate their graduation from an Associate TC to a fully-fledged Travel Counsellor.

Whether they’ve got years of travel experience or are new to the industry, our training team makes sure that new Travel Counsellors have all the support and information they need to get their businesses off to a flying start. The ITT-accredited training covers everything from learning about our exciting supplier partners to getting to grips with our integrated booking platform, Phenix. With a mixture of group sessions, individual study and classroom learning, it’s also a great opportunity to integrate into the community and to meet like-minded travel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs embarking on their own journeys.

"The development and support that I’ve had from the whole TC community has been brilliant from day one. It’s completely changed my life," said Melanie Lycett, who joined us as a Travel Counsellor in January 2023.

However, the training and support doesn’t stop after Touchdown! Our courses on everything from social media to responsible travel make sure that Travel Counsellors are up to date on the latest industry developments and opportunities to grow their businesses.

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Are you ready to become a Travel Counsellor?

Ready to become a Travel Counsellor? We’ll give you all support you need to get your travel career off to a flying start. If you’d like to learn more before you get started, get in touch with one of our experts.

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