Travel Counsellors ‘World Cup’ winners jet off on Corfu trip

Here at Travel Counsellors, we’re always looking to reward and motivate our business owners, and that’s exactly what we did during ‘peaks’ with our World Cup global incentive.

Back in December 2023, our global community of Travel Counsellors were divided into 50 teams, with each team competing against each other to win points based on different criteria – such as bookings made, margin goals being achieved, and growing their contact centres. The incentive ran throughout December and January to drive bookings during the critical ‘peaks’ period (the post-Christmas demand for booking holidays).

Last month, the wait was finally over for the winner’s trip, with 25 of our Travel Counsellors from the winning teams jetting off to Greece for a four-night stay at the luxurious MarBella Corfu – with some of the lucky attendees being less than a year into their franchise journey.

corfu winners trip group

We caught up with two of our newbie winners to find out how the incentive benefitted their business, why these kinds of rewards are so important, and to get the low-down on what they loved about their time in Corfu.

Laura Sigsworth – joined in October 2023 on our Travel Academy programme after a career in teaching

Clare Payne – joined in September 2023 on our Travel Trade programme after working as an editor of a travel website

What did you enjoy about being part of the incentive?

Laura: I loved being part of Team New Zealand. My captains (Dave Bishop and Sarah Holstead) were so proactive and enthusiastic. We heard from them pretty much every day. We also set up a WhatsApp group for the team which meant we could share tips and celebrate each other’s wins. It was a really positive group to be part of.

Clare: I had such a lovely team. We chatted every week and everyone was so willing to help each other and bring ideas to the group. The WhatsApp group we set up is still going strong now. Gemma Favager was a great team captain and kept everyone motivated.

As a fairly new Travel Counsellor, how did the incentive benefit you and your business?

Laura: It was brilliant to get to know other Travel Counsellors. I ended up becoming part of Sarah Holstead’s team, so I’ve been helping out with her enquiries while I’m building my own business.

Clare: The incentive was hugely beneficial to me as a new Travel Counsellor. I learnt a lot about how other Travel Counsellors do things. I could go to them with any queries I had. It really helped keep me focused and motivated. I actually felt a little lost after it finished!

How was the Corfu winner’s trip?

Laura: We had a brilliant trip to Corfu. As well as a tour of the hotel and the sister hotel (Nido), we had a tour of Corfu town, and lots of lovely meals! There was plenty of down-time as well which was a great opportunity to chat and get to know other business owners and Support Hub colleagues. I also really enjoyed the paddleboarding session.

Clare: I particularly enjoyed the guided tour of Corfu Town. We sampled lots of lovely food and wine! I loved the trip! It was great to go and experience the hotel and Corfu itself but also great to spend time with other Travel Counsellors. We did a lot as a group and had a really lovely time.

Why do you think incentives and rewards are important for franchisees?

Laura: Building a business is challenging and you don’t get much downtime, so it’s nice to have the opportunity to have a change of scenery and a break from the laptop! It’s also SO useful to be able to visit different hotels and destinations - it really makes a difference when selling to clients.

Clare: I think incentives and rewards are really important. There are always highs and lows, particularly in busy peak periods and it’s nice to feel valued - which also keeps your motivation and desire to succeed high. It’s also so helpful to experience a hotel and destination first-hand. You know which clients a hotel would suit and you can chat with them about the local area and offer real recommendations and advice.

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