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Travel the world with Travel Counsellors

Like any tour operator worth it’s salt, Travel Counsellors host a number of FAM trips to destinations near and far around the world.

If you don’t know what a FAM trip is, it means ‘familiarisation’ trip; in other words it’s a chance for travel professionals to go and experience the destination, hotel, resort, cruise ship or airline first-hand, so they are better placed to sell it.

FAM trips boost sales, improve knowledge and mean franchisees get to spend time together, in any number of exotic places around the world, some of which they'd never visit otherwise.

In 2018, we hosted 40 TC-exclusive FAM trips, with even more planned in for 2019.

FAM trips with Travel Counsellors

Here is a glimpse inside just 7 FAM trips we’ve been on recently, with everything you see being filmed first-hand by Travel Counsellors themselves.

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