Video: From city banker to Travel Counsellor

My Travel Counsellors Journey

Starting a new career in an unknown industry, plus leaving a salary, private health care, pension and other securities of employment was a daunting prospect for Louise Hunt, like many Travel Counsellors who join us with no previous experience in travel.

With the training and support provided by our ITT-endorsed Travel Academy, Louise has built her business over the years, and is now one of our top-selling franchisees.

Here she tells her story; from redundancy from banking to having more time with her family, being happier, more enthusiastic and writing the next chapter in her career.

Louise Hunt: From city banker to Travel Counsellor

Louise Hunt joined us with no previous experience in the travel industry. Now she’s one of our top-selling Travel Counsellors.

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Becoming a Travel Counsellor brings with it exciting opportunities. But we understand that you may have questions to make the best choice for yourself. That's why we're here to help. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about travel agent jobs.

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No travel experience? No problem


Our Travel Academy is designed specifically for people who want to run their own travel business, but have no previous experience selling travel.

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"I feel that becoming a Travel Counsellor will transform both my personal and work life. Being able to talk to clients on a daily basis, discussing and arranging their future holidays is something I will enjoy and look forward to."