Our top-performing TCs share their secrets to success

Despite our record-breaking £114m sales last month, it's not all about the numbers at Travel Counsellors - people are at our core. During our conference we recognised the TCs who embody our values best, with awards based on customer feedback and referrals, as well as sales performance.

The winning TCs have shared 3 different ways that they've grown thriving businesses while putting customers first. Read their secrets to success...

Show your expertise

From rescuing stranded clients to driving them to the airport, it’s clear that Michelle Wilson goes above and beyond for her clients. This is reflected in her amazing customer satisfaction score, which made her the proud owner of a brand new sports car at our conference.

She points out that getting feedback during post-holiday phone calls is invaluable. These insights help her to give informed, expert recommendations to clients, who often bring new business to her through the glowing responses they leave on her Facebook posts.

Remember the little things

Travel Counsellors is built on referrals, and Emma Otter has made the most of our in-house booking platform, Phenix, to become our ‘most recommended’ TC. She uses it to help keep track of her clients' special dates and niche interests, so that she can wow them with her personalised recommendations: “Phenix is really clever, there’s such a lot of information and it’s improving all the time,” she says.

Emma highlights how important it is to keep up all the little touches that make her service personal; She now looks after those with the help of a TC assistant, so that she can grow her business with the same intimacy as when she started out.

Team-work makes the dream work

Despite booking nothing for 16 months due to Covid, Chris D’Arcy has turned his business around by teaming up with fellow TC, Gary Fitzgibbon. They worked with our own business development managers to build up their corporate client base. The two now regularly work with up to 6 other Travel Counsellors, using our platform to share the workload.

This has allowed them to scale their businesses while staying on the ball with their clients. As a team, there's no barriers to them taking on new clients - "We can handle new business because we can scale quickly. We’ve got the tech to do it, with the Phenix platform and MyTC app," they say. With no limits to his success thanks to the support of his team, Chris was named our Top Performing Global Travel Counsellor.

We’re so proud of how Travel Counsellors are making the most of our game-changing tools and supportive community to do the right thing for their customers. The results really do speak for themselves!

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