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We’ve launched a data and insights platform to help Corporate Travel Counsellors and their clients make data-led business travel decisions

Just two weeks after launching our self-booking platform, myTC Online, we’ve strengthened our technology suite by adding myTC Insights – our first data and insights tool for Corporate Travel Counsellors and their clients.

myTC Insights provides an extensive suite of reporting features, empowering clients with unparalleled and on-demand control over their travel management reporting, including evergreen reports, customisable reporting options, data downloads, and thrust carbon integration.

Powered by Travelogix, the tool will give corporate Travel Counsellors and their clients access to cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall travel management experience.

By giving the client control over their reporting, it frees up time for our self-employed business owners to focus on driving sales and building client relationships – without losing the personal touch that clients value. It’s a true game changer for both our franchisees, and the businesses we work with.

Kieran Hartwell, Managing Director of Travel Counsellors for Business, commented: "We're thrilled about our partnership with Travelogix, which perfectly aligns with our vision and growth plans. The introduction of myTC Insights is a significant step forward, empowering our corporate Travel Counsellors and clients with seamless access to the latest data reports. This will enable our business owners to scale their businesses even further in a way that suits them by giving them more time to do what they do best - driving sales growth and building client relationships.”

Kieran added: “The integration of myTC Insights into our suite of offerings underscores our ongoing commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, all supported by the personal touch and global knowledge of our corporate Travel Counsellors. Our focus remains on providing SME clients with a highly tailored, concierge-like service every step of the way in their travel journey.”

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix, said: “We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with overseeing the data and reporting requirements for Travel Counsellors for Business. The potential for scalability in this partnership is tremendous, beginning with the launch of myTC Insights. We look forward to further innovative collaboration and progress in the future as we start on this journey together."

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