What is a franchise?

If you’re thinking about setting up your own business, there are plenty of different ways of going about this – from setting up your own Ltd company, to entering a partnership or buying a franchise in a company like Travel Counsellors.

But what exactly is a franchise, and what does it entail? In this blog, we’ve broken down what a franchise is (and specifically what it means to buy a franchise in Travel Counsellors), and what commitments you’ll need to make if you want to join our caring community of travel entrepreneurs.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is a business that you own and run – but with the backing, systems, and support of an existing brand. You have the freedom to be your own boss, while benefiting from lower initial investment costs.

When you buy a franchise in Travel Counsellors, you’ll use our trusted and proven model to build your own travel empire. You’ll be a self-employed entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel alone. You’ll be trained and supported by us every step of the way. There’s even the opportunity to work in teams with other franchisees or employ your own staff if you wish.

Without driven, passionate, and caring franchisees, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the amazing things we have since we pioneered the travel franchise model back in 1994. Put simply, we’re not successful unless you are – that’s why we’ll work with you to take your business wherever you want it to go. We’ll also invest in world-class tools and technology, empowering you to be your best.

As a Travel Counsellors franchisee, the sky’s the limit.

What we’ll need from you

First and foremost, we’ll need you to commit to running your business on a full-time basis. Although some other homeworking companies allow you to sell travel part-time or as a ‘side hustle’, to offer the levels of customer service that we pride ourselves on (and for your financial security), your franchise must be your sole professional responsibility. You’ll earn on a commission-only basis, so the more effort you put in, the bigger the rewards you’ll reap.

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can’t work flexibly. You’ll still have the freedom to choose your working hours based on the needs of you and your customers.

Secondly, to benefit from our innovative platform and bespoke support, there is an initial investment that you’ll need to make. Your investment fee covers everything you need to get your business started including our comprehensive training and onboarding programme, a personal mentor for your first six months, and even your laptop. Our friendly New Franchise team will discuss the investment fee with you, as the amount you pay is dependent on your experience. You’ll also need to be able to support yourself financially for the first few months while your business gets off the ground.

Last but not least, although you’ll have the freedom to work from anywhere, you must be eligible to work in the UK.

Are you ready to change your life? Follow your passion with our Travel Academy. If you’re able to make these commitments, have an entrepreneurial spirit, a genuine love for travel, and can provide exceptional customer service, we’re ready to welcome you into our diverse and caring community. Simply fill out our short enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

Are you ready to join our award-winning community?

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