What marketing support will I get?

“How will I find customers?” is the number one question we get when talking to people about becoming Travel Counsellors.

At Travel Counsellors we provide year-round marketing support, regularly checking in with TCs and customers and coming up with new ideas to keep the Travel Counsellors brand front and centre.

So, what can you expect to get?

Let us show your around our latest campaign, “Twenty One for ‘21”.

What is “Twenty One for ‘21”?

Many customers have not had the holiday they hoped for this year and want to put 2020 behind them.

These customers are yearning to get away and are keen to have something to look forward to in 2021. Many of them are using this time to dream up the big bucket-list trips they’ve been talking about for years but never get around to planning.

As the name suggests, we’ve highlighted 21 destinations to explore in 2021, from the private pools of Mauritius and animal encounters in Thailand to comforts closer to home in Cornwall.

Online magazine

Beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile, the online magazine is the destination for all of the marketing efforts. Just as a physical magazine, customers can leaf through at their own pace, jump to sections that stand out and discover destinations they’ve never thought of.

It’s all brought together with gorgeous visuals, wanderlust-worthy videos and an inspirational, rather than salesy, tone of voice.

Take a look for yourself here


We collect and securely store customer insights in our ‘Preference Centre’. This helps our Marketing team to understand exactly what your customers like and dislike when it comes to holidays.

Then, we create 5 different emails to suit the tastes of different customer groups. This is much more effective, and not to mention a better experience for the customer, than creating one ‘send to all’ email.

Every email is addressed from the Travel Counsellor, so customers will be able to reply or call directly to enquire.

We’ve done a lot of research to find the best style and time to send our emails. After just 24 hours, the “Twenty One for ‘21” emails had an average open rate of 30% and a click rate of 12%, an amazing 10 percentage points higher than industry standards.

Social Media

To tempt customers into finding out more, the team have created a selection of campaign branded images to share on social and have even written the words for you! This means Travel Counsellors can simply copy and paste, upload one of the beautiful images and hit ‘post’.

That said, we encourage Travel Counsellors to put their own spin on the wording; maybe add their personal experience of a featured destination or highlight the holiday types they know their customers will love most.

We’ve created “Twenty One for ‘21” header images for Travel Counsellor’s social media profiles. This keeps them looking up to date when a customer visits their page to drop them a message.

Twenty one for 21 pin5

Twenty one for 21 pin3


With most people walking around with cameras in their pockets, customers are extremely accustomed to seeing their friends and family’s videos online. That’s where our “Twenty One for ‘21” campaign video comes in.

In our signature elegant style, the video features footage taken from real customers’ holidays, something called ‘user generated content’. UGC has been shown to be seen as more trustworthy and more relatable than professionally shot promo. And since our motto is “with us it’s personal”, using UGC aligns perfectly with our brand.

The “Twenty One for ‘21” video is overlaid with wording highlighting the Travel Counsellors’ difference and sound-tracked by music to escape with, cutting through the noise when customers are scrolling on their timeline.

Everything all in one place

Our Marketing team go live on our weekly TCTV show to launch the campaign to Travel Counsellors and follow this up with a handy round-up email.

All of the campaign assets are housed in our ‘Marketing Hub’ so Travel Counsellors can download and share as they please, and of course the team are on hand to answer any questions.

The best bit about all of this?

All of our marketing support is provided for all Travel Counsellors from day one. There are no extra fees to pay, targets to hit or courses to pass in order to access it.

If finding customers is a concern for you when launching your business, look no further than the support of Travel Counsellors.

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