Putting her family and customers first – why Travel Counsellors offers Lucie exactly what she was looking for

Lucie Lattimer recently joined us on our Return to Travel programme, after spending some time away from the industry to work in the world of corporate finance. After realising travel is where her passion lies, Lucie wanted to explore opportunities that would give her the flexibility to be her own boss and be there for her family. She soon discovered we could offer just what she was looking for.


We spoke to Lucie to find out what attracted her to Travel Counsellors, how she found her induction, and to learn more about her goals as she embarks on this exciting new journey as a self-employed franchisee.

Hi Lucie! Welcome to the Travel Counsellors community. What’s your background, and what prompted you to switch careers?

I worked in senior positions in marketing, media, and partnerships within the corporate travel industry for 18 years before venturing into the finance industry. I had a very happy six years as a marketing director in a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm but felt drawn back to travel. Now my children are older, I want us to travel more as a family. I want to work from home to be more flexible for their needs.

What attracted you to Travel Counsellors?

It was the ability to do what I just mentioned. With Travel Counsellors, I can run a successful travel business of my own, while working from home and being there for my kids. I’m a hardworking, ambitious person with a corporate background – and Travel Counsellors offers me exactly what I was looking for.

I want to inspire my clients with wonderful trips, offer financial protection, have access to great partners and competitive rates, and have my own autonomy. At the same time, I want to be part of a wider travel network where I feel supported, and where I can share my expertise with others. It’s important for me to be part of a community of like-minded people.

An old colleague of mine, Scott Tempero, works at Travel Counsellors as Head of Corporate Supplier Partnerships and Distribution. Both he and Ashley Butler in the New Franchise team were instrumental in my decision to join. It was a huge personal decision for me, as I’m sure it is for many people, to leave a corporate salary and set up on my own. But, everyone at Travel Counsellors has been incredibly supportive.

What skills do you think you will be able to transfer from your previous roles?

I’m lucky to have worked in some huge corporations with some inspiring leaders – all of whom have encouraged me and enabled me to develop my skills in commercial acumen, creativity, marketing, putting the client first, and offering a world-class service. I hope to bring these skills with me as a Travel Counsellor, as well as learn many more. You always have to keep learning and bettering yourself.
What was the best thing about the induction process?

The trainer, Dawn! She’s a legend. Her patience and knowledge are excellent. She runs such a slick process. I loved the way in which she brought the wider team in for various sessions too. I could not have felt more welcomed and supported, and I think my fellow new joiners felt the same way.

I also met my mentor, Michelle Goulding, early on. I have a feeling we’re going to get on very well indeed! I feel lucky to already have the guidance of Michelle. She’s clearly built a brilliant business for herself as a Gold Travel Counsellor. She’s my inspiration to go for Gold.

I’ve also loved working with another Travel Counsellor, Amanda Bower, on a corporate booking. Ashley Butler in the New Franchise Team was also amazing. She was so patient with my hundreds of questions throughout the recruitment process.
What are your goals for your travel business?

My goals are to generate a great income for my family, go for Gold, service my clients to the best of my ability, and offer some inspiring adventures around the world! I’d also like to keep a few corporate clients too. I’d like to feel like part of the community and help others along the way with my corporate experience and marketing skills. I currently specialise in Italy and ski. I spent five years living in Italy teaching art history. I’d also like to expand my knowledge of Asia. I trekked 400 miles of the Silk Route through Kyrgyzstan, on horseback. I’d like to explore even more of this beautiful region.

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