Wish you could work from anywhere?

April marks the start of Stress Awareness Month.

Mental health and wellbeing has been brought to the forefront throughout the pandemic, and with 79% of HR leaders surveyed by the CIPD reporting stress-related absences in their organisation, work and more importantly, work-life balance are key to helping individuals manage stress.

At Travel Counsellors, we provide a wealth of personal support to our franchisees, from mental health support, financial wellbeing and a collaborative, global community.

Plus, as a self-employed business owner, Travel Counsellors have the flexibility to manage when and where they work, to suit them and their families.

We asked the Travel Counsellors community to show us where they work from and why this works well for them:

Julie Muldoon

'My hubby normally works in Berlin so since March this year, I'm back to working 2 weeks here in Scotland and 2 weeks in Berlin. I love that I can accompany him and that I can enjoy a different country lifestyle and still look after my clients whilst there.'

Caroline Hoblyn


'I love the flexibility, it really works for me. The garden in the summer is perfect!'

Debbie King

'I'm about to spend the next few weeks driving around France & Spain, working all the way. Not quite sure where we will be as we like to make it up as we go along..'

Zoe Herbert

'2 years ago I visited my daughters in Australia and worked from there for the first part of my holiday. Hoping to do the same in a few weeks!'

Kerri Kelf


'Our spare bedroom has been converted into my office. I love having my own space but once a week I take my laptop to the gym and work from there, just for a change of scene. When I'm working remotely, people often approach me… I've even met customers and booked them in Starbucks!'

Jay Hollingsworth


'My little travel bubble at the bottom of the garden'

Donna Bidwell

Donna Bidwell WFA

'Our beach hut at Lowestoft beach, is where I am most days when the weather is hot. But I can be found in local cafes, my living room on an evening and of course my home office!'

Sam Peters


'I've been working from my 3rd bedroom which has been my dedicated office since I started with TC 20yrs ago. It's changed over the years but I love my work space.'

On our recent LinkedIn poll, we asked ‘What is most important for you now in your career?’- 54% of the people we asked chose work-life balance.

As a Travel Counsellor, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you work. As we head into Easter and the school holidays, many Travel Counsellors will take this time away from work to be with family and can manage their time to suit their business.

Is work-life balance important to you in your career?

Become a Travel Counsellor and be in control of when, where and how you work.

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