Helping professional athletes transition to careers in travel

Our partnership with LAPS

Becoming a Travel Counsellor could be the perfect opportunity for current and former athletes and sportspeople actively seeking new opportunities.

We are proud to partner with LAPS, an organisation that helps people make the most of life after professional sport, helping them turn their drive, ambition and winner's mindset into an exciting new career.

Elliott Rouse became a Travel Counsellor after a career as a professional tennis coach. This is his story.

“As I’ve grown my business, I’ve realised there are many parallels between sports and running a business; you need to be self-motivated, hungry to succeed and you need to be able to bounce back from failures”

We’ve teamed up with LAPS

For those leaving professional sport, becoming a Travel Counsellor could be the perfect career opportunity. Here's why:

You already have the skills

  • Competitive, team-players, resilient, self-motivated – the list goes on!

Complete flexibility

  • To work when, when and how is right for you and your customers

No experience needed

  • Our Travel Academy gives you the training you need to start out. We’ve welcomed franchisees from all walks of life; policing, teaching, sports and more

Unlimited earning potential

  • Get out what you put in. The earning potential is truly unlimited and top earners make hundreds of thousands each year

3 decades of proven success

  • We’ve been launching travel businesses since 1994 and have won a load of awards in the process. We’ll back you all the way to success

A tight-knit community

  • Sports teams are tight-knit, and TC community is the same. We have over 2000 franchisees and as we’ve grown in numbers, we’ve grown in team spirit too

What training is available for ex-athletes

As part of your training process, we’ll provide the following:

  • A six-month training and onboarding programme
  • A personal mentor for your first six months of business
  • Access to our innovative e-learning platform, Discover
  • Compliance training and accreditation, including ATOL bonding and all licensing
  • Our unique financial consumer protection cover: Travel Trust cover
  • CLIA Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) membership
  • Credit to spend on personalised merchandise or stationery
  • A laptop, business phone line and access to our booking platform, Phenix
  • Dependent on Experience
  • 6-month onboarding journey
  • Earn from Week 2
Questions? Get in touch

Get in touch with our friendly team to get started

We know it’s a big decision so we’ll take things at your pace

What you need to succeed

We think sports people have what it takes...

  • People-people. What makes us different to all other travel brands is the level of personal customer service we provide. If you’re a natural networker and love going above and beyond to wow others, you’ll make a great Travel Counsellor!
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll be self-employed so you have to be comfortable working under your own steam. We’ll support you on the way, but you’ll need bring the ambition and willingness to learn.
  • Dedication: No matter what industry you’re in, setting up a business takes work. There will be setbacks and a lot of learning to be done but the rewards are massive.
  • Passion for travel. Without this, its no good! Put to use your own travel experiences, and naturally you’ll have plenty of opportunities to travel and get discounts on your own holidays.

The fine print

Here are the key things to remember…

  • You’ll be a self-employed business owner and earn through commission on the travel you sell
  • You’ll need to make an initial investment to get started. If you have no experience in travel you may need to take our flexibly-priced Travel Academy course.
  • You need to make a full-time commitment. The hours you work are up to you, but you need to dedicate time to be a success
  • You need to have a UK-registered address. Day-to-day you can work anywhere but you must have a UK base