Help us grow our community

Know people who’d make great Travel Counsellors? Make some extra cash - and contribute to a good cause!

Here at Travel Counsellors, we’re always on the lookout for passionate, driven entrepreneurs to join our growing community of travel experts.

As you’ll already know, starting your own business as a Travel Counsellor is a life-changing opportunity and a chance for someone you know to shape their own career and future.

It’s really rewarding knowing that I’ve been able to inspire and mentor others to build their own business. — Eda Ayyildiz

Making referrals is also a great way to create mentorship opportunities - by sharing your knowledge with your referral to support them in their first year as a Travel Counsellor, you can boost your own earnings too.

At the same time, the bigger our community grows, the more knowledge and expertise we’ll be able to share among us, and the more we can invest in our tools, technology, and training. It’s a win-win.

Introducing our new Referral Scheme

Earn £1000 for every successful referral

  • It’s so important that we find the right people to join our community, with the drive and determination it takes to be a Travel Counsellor. That’s why we’ll reward you with £1000 for every referral that successfully launches their business with us in 2024.

Support Reuben's retreat

  • We’ll also be donating £100 to Reuben’s Retreat, so you won’t just be boosting your earnings, you’ll be making a positive impact on the lives of the children and families that the charity supports.

Win a special bonus as a top-referrer

  • There’s also an additional bonus of £1000 for our top referrer every quarter. We’ll be publishing the leaderboard after the end of each quarter and the TC or colleague who has referred the most enquiries to us will win the £1000 - the game is on!
Send them a link to the referral page

For more information and full terms and conditions, just head to our new Referral Hub.