How We're Using Technology to Improve Business Travel

We take technology seriously.

Over the previous 12 months, we've invested more than £6m into the tech that enables our franchisees to run their travel businesses better than anyone else.

The bulk of that investment goes into our in-house booking system, Phenix.

More than a booking system

Our bespoke booking system is updated every three weeks, allowing you to sell the best travel options for your customer, whatever their requirements.

But our investment in technology goes well beyond Phenix. We’ve doubled our spending on technology over the last three years, and we’re investing heavily into security (including learning modules written by Hollywood screenwriters to keep users engaged), infrastructure, software, data, the MyTC mobile app, and most importantly; people.

What does it mean for corporate travel?

You have access to hundreds of thousands of global hotels and flights to ensure you can book all your clients' travel through one centralised system (if the exact travel options are not available through Phenix, you can still book these outside of Phenix).

Invoicing, booking documentation and Management Information reports are tailored to each individual client, so clients get everything they require without unnecessary complications.

People first

Whenever we’re building or investing in technology, we’re always assessing it against one key question: what value does it add to franchisees?

It’s this mentality that’s allowed us to create technology that allows franchisees to spend less time collating travel requirements and processing them, and more time servicing their clients.

This investment in people across the entire business ensures we’re adding value through human interaction that can never be replaced by technology. That’s the real investment in all of this.

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