Our research shows half of Brits plan on leaving their current job within the next year

To support our ongoing recruitment drive to strengthen our community of franchisees, we recently surveyed 2,000 Brits to find out more about their current levels of job satisfaction and aspirations for the future – and the results make for some interesting reading!


Half (50%) of Brits expect to leave their current job within the next year, while two-fifths of workers (41%) regret their choice of career. Of these, over two-thirds (67%) said they plan to switch careers.

The main reasons respondents gave for wanting to leave their current job were to secure better pay and benefits (41%), to achieve a better work-life balance (26%), and to secure more flexible working hours (19%).

An appetite for entrepreneurship among the younger generation

When it comes to thinking about a potential career switch, nearly two-thirds (59%) of Brits said they would consider starting their own business. The most entrepreneurially minded were the younger generations – over two-thirds of those aged between 16-34 said they would consider starting their own business, compared to a third of those aged 55+.

Our recently launched Academy Scholarship Programme has been specially designed to help graduates and those with up to five years of work experience set up their own travel business. We’ll be giving away up to ten places on our Travel Academy programme worth £10k! Our Travel Academy is designed to help people with no industry experience launch their own Travel Counsellors franchise on a full-time basis.

The top reasons for starting a business were to make more money (41%), achieve a better work-life balance (31%), work flexible hours (28%), wanting to be in control (28%), wanting to feel more fulfilled (21%) and less day-to-day pressure and being able to set own targets (18%).

The Travel Counsellors way

Our trusted franchise model can help driven individuals achieve the things mentioned above as reasons for wanting to start a business. Our franchisees are free to choose their own full-time hours based on the needs of them and their customers, giving them complete control of their working day.

Plus, our commission is completely uncapped, so the sky is the limit in terms of earning potential for people who join our community. Some of our Travel Counsellors are running multi-million-pound businesses, so just imagine how we could help you transform your financial situation. There’ll be no pressure or target either – as long as you’re giving your business your all, that’s all we ask for.

We’ll give you the tools, technology, and support you need to succeed. From a thorough induction process and ongoing training to business coaching calls and support with marketing your business, we’ll help you unlock your potential.

Matt Harding, Director of Franchise Sales of Travel Counsellors said: “Our research suggests that starting and owning a business is an aspiration for many British workers, who are increasingly seeking both better financial rewards and work-life balance.

“It is clear that many people want to embark on an entrepreneurship journey but find the prospect daunting. At Travel Counsellors, we enable our people to unlock their entrepreneurial ambitions and build their own travel business through our strong community and provide full access and support to the right tools, technologies, and guidance needed to climb the ladder of success.

We are committed to supporting the entrepreneurially ambitious – especially young people who according to the data show greater aspirations to become business owners than previous generations.”

The travel industry and job satisfaction

Our research also showed that the travel industry is one of the happiest job sectors in the UK. Those working in the travel industry were the most content in their current roles - less than half (45%) said they would leave their current job in the next 12 months compared to those in the IT & Telecoms sector (72%).

The travel sector also ranked among the top three industries where respondents were the least likely to regret their career choice, with a satisfaction rate of 61%. This placed it alongside sales, media and marketing (69%), as well as architecture, engineering and building (61%).

Additionally, when respondents were asked if they could have their dream job in any industry sector, travel and tourism emerged as number one (18%).

Are you unhappy in your current role? Whether you’re completely new to travel or are getting fed up of the pressures and restrictions of your current travel sales role, we can help you break away from what’s making you miserable and embark on an exciting new adventure as a travel business owner. If you’re passionate about crafting magical holidays and going above and beyond for customers – while being part of a caring, supporting community of over 2,000 travel entrepreneurs, we want to hear from you. Get in touch today and take the first steps towards changing your career and your life!

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