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Should I Start a Corporate Travel Franchise?

Setting up your own franchise may not be an obvious choice for business travel professionals looking to advance their career. But we think it should be, here’s just two reasons why.


You control when you work. It might be less hours than you currently work. It might be more. But running your own franchise enables you to make that decision and find a balance that works for you, and your customers.

All we ask is that you make a full-time commitment to your franchise.

Create your own business model. Some of our franchisees employ their own teams, others share accounts and split the profits, and others win new clients and pass them over to other Travel Counsellors to manage on a day-to-day basis.

We have 17 different business models across more than 1,900 franchisees. There’s no ‘one way’ of working, and we support all our franchisees to find a way to establish and grow their businesses.

No office politics. It’s your franchise, and you can run it the way you want to; as long as it doesn’t conflict with our ethical or moral principles.


It’s not a salaried position. It’s your business, and we don’t cap any earnings. Meaning the more you sell, the more money you’ll make.

And just because you predominantly sell business travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t book holidays for leisure clients too; we have access to a huge range of corporate and leisure fares.

It takes time. Some franchisees hit the ground running, whilst for others, it takes a bit longer to establish their business.

The average corporate franchisee takes home over £80,000 a year, with our top 10 earning over £140,000 by their third year.

Tim Fitzgerald joined us in 2010 and says: “In the first 4 months I did £25,000 worth of sales, and that’s grown to £2.8 million last year.”

Carl's story

Having worked for some of the big players in corporate travel, hear how the support from Head Office and the backing of a Top 20 UK TMC has allowed Carl to build a business which now turns over £3 million.

Building a £3 million corporate travel business

Having worked for some of the big players in corporate travel, hear how the support from Head Office and the backing of a Top 20 UK TMC has allowed Carl to build a business which now turns over £3 million.

Don’t forget…

You’ll need to be self-sufficient. There’s no getting around this one. It’s your business and you need to put in the hard graft.

It may take some time to get your business to thrive, so you’ll need to ensure you can support yourself financially until your business starts pulling in the revenue you need it to.

We provide marketing support, training and development courses from ILM-certified business development coaches, and a new business team to help all our corporate franchisees get off to the best possible start.

You’ll be self-employed. It’s scary and empowering in equal measure. Losing a salary and not having any clients are by far the two biggest concerns for anybody ‘going it alone’.

But you’re never alone. We have over 1,800 Travel Counsellors globally, with 200 of those specialising in corporate travel.

There’s a huge support network amongst our franchisees. And if they cannot help, our 400+ strong head office support team will be able to.

The combination of this community and head office support has propelled us to the 18th largest TMC in the UK, and we have seen double-digit growth every year for the previous 17 years. And with the backing of our investors, that only looks set to continue over the next few years as well.

If moving from a salaried position may seem like too much of a step-change, remember that’s exactly what Tim Fitzgerald thought before he became a Travel Counsellor. He’s now running his own £2.8m travel franchise.

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