Trust in the financial strength of Travel Counsellors

With so many travel agencies, franchises, and homeworking companies out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose. When we speak to prospective Travel Counsellors, one of their key concerns is financial stability – not just in terms of earning potential, but also ensuring that the business they’re thinking of joining is financially sound.

Our financial strength

When you choose Travel Counsellors, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re joining the longest-standing travel franchise (we’re approaching our 30th birthday), backed by world-class tech, a supportive community of 1,900 fellow franchisees, and impressive sales figures to boot.

We celebrated record profits of over £20 million in our last financial year, taking us closer to our mission to become a £1 billion-plus transaction platform and highlighting our healthy financial position.

September 2023 also saw a record number of Travel Counsellors launch their business, with 25 new franchisees completing their virtual induction in a single week.

Our newly launched Travel Tracker Report highlights that travel is the number one spending priority among Brits, so we’re more than confident that our sales will continue to soar as we head into 2024.

The increased demand for travel also shines the spotlight on the need for trusted travel professionals, who are committed to providing exceptional service and experiences for their customers.

Looking after your customers

Thanks to our unique Travel Trust, when your customers book with you as a Travel Counsellor, their money is 100% protected – providing reassurance for them and for you.

Our unrivalled level of cover holds your customers’ money in reserve. The funds are only released to the supplier after they have travelled.

The Travel Trust has ensured that we’ve successfully and seamlessly protected many overseas customers in the event of something going wrong – such as a supplier failure.

Round-the-clock support

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, we also have a crisis management team and a 24/7 duty office who are there to support both you and your customers in times of, well, crisis.

Whether it’s something as simple as a cancelled flight, through to a provider going into administration, our support team colleagues are here to assist.

You can read more about Travel Counsellor, Lee’s, experience with our duty office after air traffic control issues left him with over 160 affected passengers – all of whom were given alternative arrangements quickly and seamlessly.

Are you ready to join the longest-standing travel franchise, with a proven track record and a mission to put customers first? If you’re passionate about providing exceptional service and want to help your customers create lifelong memories, we want to hear from you. Fill out our short form and a member of our New Franchise team will be in touch to discuss your enquiry further.

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