Our partnership with Ex-Military Careers

Becoming a Travel Counsellor could be the perfect opportunity for military veterans actively seeking new opportunities following their time in service.

We are proud to partner with Ex-Military Careers, an organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between life in the military and a civilian career. The transition to a civilian career can seem intimidating, but our partnership provides veterans and their families a stepping stone to setting up their own businesses and becoming travel industry professionals as part of our award-winning team.

Why is Travel Counsellors a great ex-military job?

Becoming a Travel Counsellor is the perfect next step for military veterans and spouses looking to take on a new career.

No travel industry experience is needed

We understand that for many veterans, the military is all you’ve ever known. Our ITT-endorsed Travel Academy provides all the training you need to get your business up and running and start you on an exciting new path.

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Financial reward for an entrepreneurial spirit

The average Leisure Travel Counsellor takes home £35,000 per year, which is £6,000 more than the standard salary of a high-street travel agent. Top earners can make in excess of £100,000 a year with our coveted ‘Gold Status’.

There is no cap on your earning potential, so the more you put in, the more you can get out. Like the military, the Travel Counsellors business model rewards dedication and hard work.

We provide a tight-knit community

We know that veterans are accustomed to a sense of togetherness. With nearly 2,000 colleagues in seven different countries, including South Africa and the Netherlands, our global communities are constantly developing.

As part of our dedication to putting people at the heart of our company culture, we’re proud to host regular socials and family events in local areas to develop a sense of community amongst employees.

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Why do veterans make great Travel Counsellors?

We believe veterans and military spouses can create successful careers as remote-working Travel Counsellors. Here’s why:

Veterans have an existing skill set

  • Military training means veterans are resilient and goal-oriented team players who are quick learners and can easily adapt to new situations. These sets of skills are great assets when it comes to working as a Travel Counsellor.
  • Our business model allows you to work in the best way for you, providing the flexibility needed to adjust to civilian life.

Veterans have great interpersonal skills

  • The military teaches excellent communication and people skills. What differentiates us from other travel brands is the level of personal customer service we provide as we forge lasting relationships with our customers.
  • If you’re a natural networker who loves going above and beyond to help others, you’ll be a great Travel Counsellor.

Veterans are ambitious and dedicated

  • As a Travel Counsellor, you’ll be self-employed, so self-motivation is essential. We’ll support you on your journey, but you’ll need to bring the ambition and willingness to learn, mastered in the military.
  • Setting up your own business takes work. There will be setbacks and a steep learning curve, but the financial rewards and sense of achievement make it worthwhile.

Veterans can be well travelled

  • A passion for travel and expanding your horizons are essentials when working as a Travel Counsellor. If you have travelled abroad as part of your service, you can use your experiences.
  • Naturally, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to participate in educational trips and get discounts on your own holidays.

What training is available for ex-athletes

As part of your training process, we’ll provide the following:

  • A six-month training and onboarding programme
  • A personal mentor for your first six months of business
  • Access to our innovative e-learning platform, Discover
  • Compliance training and accreditation, including ATOL bonding and all licensing
  • Our unique financial consumer protection cover: Travel Trust cover
  • CLIA Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) membership
  • Credit to spend on personalised merchandise or stationery
  • A laptop, business phone line and access to our booking platform, Phenix
  • Dependent on Experience
  • 6-month onboarding journey
  • Earn from Week 2
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Hear from our Travel Academy Travel Counsellors

With the training and support provided by our Institution of Travel and Training (ITT)-endorsed Travel Academy, a lack of travel sector experience is no barrier to success with us. Hear from two colleagues who joined us through our Travel Academy.

Louise Hunt: From city banker to Travel Counsellor

Louise Hunt joined us with no previous experience in the travel industry. Now she’s one of our top-selling Travel Counsellors.

Finding the perfect work-life balance

Academy graduate, Elliott Rouse, explains how he embraced our ‘work from anywhere’ model to build the foundations of success after relocating his business.

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The fine print

Here are the key things to remember…

  • You’ll be a self-employed business owner and earn through commission on the travel you sell
  • You’ll need to make an initial investment to get started. If you have no experience in travel you may need to take our flexibly-priced Travel Academy course.
  • You need to make a full-time commitment. The hours you work are up to you, but you need to dedicate time to be a success
  • You need to have a UK-registered address. Day-to-day you can work anywhere but you must have a UK base

Frequently asked questions

What is the commission split?

At Travel Counsellors, our commission model is designed to give you a fair share of the profits. Here's how it works: We follow a 60/40 split, where you retain a generous 60% of the profit generated from your bookings.

To provide you with even more control and flexibility, our exclusive in-house booking system, Phenix, allows you to determine the margin you make on your bookings so you can maximise your financial rewards.

We take great pride in the feedback we receive from our Travel Counsellors, who consistently express their satisfaction with the 60/40 split. They tell us that the service and support they receive make it an exceptional value for their investment.

For our Business Development Travel Counsellors, the commission split is agreed upon between themselves and the Corporate Travel Counsellor they pass business on to, during the onboarding process.

Is there a minimum sales target?

Absolutely! Experience the difference with our passionate team of creative experts who will equip you with professional and effective marketing materials. Get ready to make a splash in your local area!

We're more than just suppliers; we're partners in your success. Count on us to share invaluable tips on how to market yourself effectively. We're here to help you thrive!

If you're excited about upcoming marketing campaigns or have any marketing-related questions, our friendly marketing team is just a call away on 0161 464 5243.

Do I have to be home-based?

No, there’s no need to be confined to one space. While the majority of our Travel Counsellors enjoy the freedom of working from home, you have the flexibility to work from wherever suits you best

You can set up shop wherever you like and create your unique working environment, or work from somewhere different every day The world is your office!

We embrace a modern, on-the-go workstyle. As long as you have a secure internet connection, you can log on and work from anywhere your wanderlust takes you. The possibilities are endless!

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